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What does WAFT do, anyway? An inside look at Worcester’s anti-foreclosure warriors: Part 1 — Gaining traction and attention

Together a dedicated group of volunteers is tackling the still-daunting number of foreclosure petitions issued in the state by helping residents stay in their homes while exhausting all the archaic, complicated and red-taped remedies in the foreclosure process. “Basically it’s about enforcing the laws that are on the books,” said Grace Ross, the organization’s founder, who was recently honored by New England’s NAACP chapter with a lifetime achievement award for her advocacy work. This is the first in a two-part report chronicling several days in the lives of the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team and the people they try to help. Continue Reading

Gov. Baker told reporters on Monday he would be attending multiple campaign events for state lawmakers Monday night and would watch the presidential debate at a later time. Senate President Rosenberg suggested he drop some of the campaign events, to which Speaker DeLeo added, "Unless you're going out for some Democrats."

Wary of casinos’ potential impacts, Baker opposes adding slots with Question 1 [plus video]

The governor said he plans to vote against Question 1, a carefully worded addendum to the state’s expanded gaming law that would favor licensing a new gambling facility at Suffolk Downs. “I’ve always thought we should be mindful of the fact that we don’t exactly know what the consequences and the impact of all this is going to be when the dust settles on the Lottery and on a whole bunch of other things. Let’s wait and see what happens before raising the possibility of yet another facility in Massachusetts.” Continue Reading


Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 97]: John Fresolo, man of the people

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some people carve pumpkins into intricate Jack-o-lanterns, some of us reach for the black magic marker. Some folks make great party hosts, others break out the Ritz and the Easy Cheese.

Some of us have self-awareness, and some of us open Canal District bars in the wake of an ethics probe and resignation from the state Legislature only to launch an ill-fated and universally unwelcomed bid to regain that seat.

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So, how is Rocky’s doing anyway, Mr. Fresolo? Hitch stops by for a quick press conference. Continue Reading

With Haitian children, including Faga, second from right

My return to Haiti with Be Like Brit

Sun contributor Danielle Cutillo, 23, a Holy Name grad and lifelong Worcester resident, is back from Haiti, where she volunteered at an orphanage built in honor of Britney Gengel of Rutland, killed in a 2010 earthquake. The story of Danielle’s trip involves hugs, hopes, a newly built house, and deep feelings of luck and love. It was a success. [with photo gallery] Continue Reading

Haley Fong, left, and Karmen Diep were among the recent Wednesday volunteers.

Sun Shine: At Broad Meadow Brook volunteers are a natural fit

“We want to be engaged with the community,” says Martha Gach, the conservation coordinator. “We recognize that there is no way the paid staff can do everything that we need to do here, and we also recognize that people want to be involved.” Alex Khan straightens his tie and digs in for an in-depth look at where Worcester and nature and good people collide. Continue Reading

Worcester County obituaries, Sept. 28, 2016

Today’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes. Linda Marie Amelotte, 63, of Worcester

Barbara Andersen

Dennis D. Bilodeau, 64, of Leominster

George A. Bilodeau, Jr., 58, of Clinton and Putnam, Conn. Lucrezia “Grace” R. (Zuccaro) Bonvino, 97, of Quinebaug, Conn. Edward “Ted” F. Continue Reading

Lori Cairns, left, is among the driving forces for the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team.

Worcester Sun, Sept. 28: In this issue

WAFT, the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team, elicits strong feelings. And for good reason. The Sun spent several days taking an inside look at the grassroots organization — and just exactly how they help folks in need. Hitch takes another swing at John Fresolo. We have thoughts on poverty in Worcester. Inbox, state news and more in your Wednesday, Sept. 28, Worcester Sun. Continue Reading