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Worcester Sun announces Worcester Games

Worcester Sun is proud to announce Worcester Games, which is devoted to video gamers and video games in New England’s second largest city. Worcester Games features games developed by and for Worcester Sun. In addition, Worcester Sun coverage of local video game developers and studios as well as links to games produced in Worcester will be in Worcester Games. Enough already. I want to play

Worcester Games for local businesses: Fun, affordable, effective

Other games developed in Worcester

Worcester Sun coverage
Today Worcester Games debuts two free, easy to play games developed by Worcester Sun.

Sina-cism: Confess your sins, Comrade DeVos

“Do you not understand that the Commissar of Education must be a paragon for integrating the diverse peoples in our motherland, much as General Secretary Stalin did?” Chris Sinacola has an exclusive review of a letter (somewhat) recently received by the divisive DeVos.

Kevin Mensah looks to end whirlwind year with scholarship

Hopes remain high that a match with a top collegiate program — maybe nearby? — could be on the horizon for one of the area’s most talented football players as Signing Day nears. Joe Parello has the story.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 130]: For Mosaic Cultural Complex, a new fraternity

Mosaic! You remember them — the minority-centered nonprofit that became embroiled in controversy over poor administration and its involvement in a statewide program that brought a city coalition millions in grant money.

Well, all that bluster ended with a whimper last week, when the state Attorney General’s Office declared its investigation into the organization closed.

So it’s a brave new world for the grassroots group. Hitch, who was pre-law — or was it pre-med? — reads between the lines.