Local Business Spotlight: Enlightened Interventions

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When she was in college on an emergent experience in Mexico, Elizabeth Belliveau had an idea to create a business that would cater to both physical and emotional healing, a combination that is anathema in American commerce.

“I noticed how much people in other areas of the world invest in themselves in alternative ways. And I noticed that their level of [contentment] was much happier than what I was seeing in doing mental health work in the United States.

“When I got my master’s degree in social work and started practicing clinically,” she continued, “I always had a passion for incorporating alternative and complementary practices within my work. And I started to envision this practice that brought like-minded practitioners together to create a wellness practice that erased the stigma of mental health care and encouraged people to access services to keep themselves feeling good and achieving their personal goals.”

Logo_enlightened_interventionsThat was the essence of Enlightened Interventions. Now Belliveau, the founder, had to figure how to pull it off from a business perspective.

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