Editorial: Loudly heralding Housing Authority’s ‘quiet success’ vs. crime

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In his 2013 book, “New Deal Ruins: Race, Economic Justice, and Public Housing Policy” Edward G. Goetz writes: “The story of American public housing is one of quiet successes drowned out by loud failures. … [P]ublic housing has, for the most part and in most places, provided and continues to provide functional, decent, and affordable housing.”

Indeed, most public policy programs are defined by their “loud failures,” which are highlighted by individuals quick to denounce any government action as an abject failure and distributed by media that trafficks in bad news much the same way a drug dealer peddles narcotics — give ’em what they want.

Clearly there are all manner of failures that merit public scrutiny. However, as much as media — insofar as some percentage of us remain journalists — is responsible to report failings, it must with equal vigor disseminate the “quiet successes.”

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