Editorial: Worcester memorials and caring to remember

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Wheaton. Brosnihan. Kelley. McKeon.

As a city, we know these names.

Thanks to a website launched two years ago by a Worcester Police officer, now we can know them better.

Kelley Square, for instance, criss-crossed by tens of thousands of cars daily, is named for Sgt. Cornelius F. Kelley. The steely-calm son of Irish immigrants Maurice and Johanna, Kelley was killed (“severely gassed”) near Verdun, France, in World War I.

Americanflags_wikiHe shipped out for Europe the same day as Pvt. John F. Brosnihan, whose name marks another city square. Serving and dying in separate parts of France, both city sons were awarded the French Croix de Guerre for repairing vital telephone lines while under fire by the Germans. Kelley’s citation says he did this “with the greatest coolness and the most absolute indifference to danger.”

Patrolman Sean M. Lovely Sr., an Army veteran of the Persian Gulf, spent years visiting and investigating the 237 veteran memorial markers found all over the city.

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