On Beacon Hill: Jim McGovern, Bernie Sanders and bumper-sticker vandalism in 1972; and Worcester’s Keefe backs marijuana initiative

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  • McGovern on McGovern … and still feeling the Bern
  • Charter school expansion foes decry suspensions, seek answers
  • Keefe among lawmakers to endorse legalizing marijuana
  • Former AGs back Healey “copycat” crackdown
  • State economy exceeds national growth


Jim McGovern, Bernie Sanders and bumper-sticker vandalism in 1972

PHILADELPHIA — U.S. Rep. James P. McGovern, D-2nd, understands the letdown Bernie Sanders supporters feel because he has had the same feeling since 1972.

U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern

Office of Congressman Jim McGovern

U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern

McGovern was in junior high school that year and shared a last name with the late former South Dakota Sen. George S. McGovern, a liberal who lost in the presidential election to President Richard Nixon, carrying only Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

“George McGovern is the reason why I got involved in politics,” the Worcester Democrat told delegates from Washington and Massachusetts at a breakfast last Thursday during the Democratic National Convention.

George McGovern, circa 1972

Wikimedia Commons

George McGovern, circa 1972

He said he volunteered at the campaign’s Worcester headquarters, sweeping up and spreading the word about the candidate.

“I put bumper stickers on people’s cars. I even put bumper stickers on people’s cars who didn’t want bumper stickers,” McGovern said.

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