Sina-cism: They shoot horse tracks, don’t they?

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And down the stretch they come! It’s Patronage on the inside, half a length ahead of Gerrymandering, with Jobs, Jobs, Jobs on the outside. And here’s Special Interest making a run. Patronage and Gerrymandering are neck and neck, with Special Interest closing fast. And at the wire, it’s —

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

It’s another absurd Massachusetts ballot question!

Question 1 on the November ballot, “Expanded Slot-Machine Gaming,” asks voters to approve one additional category 2 license to permit “… the operation of a gaming establishment with no table games and not more than 1,250 slot machines.”

Lest you think this license would be open to anyone, remember that this is Massachusetts.

Sinacola is off to the races -- try to keep up ...

Wikimedia Commons / Suffolk Downs

Sinacola is off to the races — try to keep up …

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