November 20, 2016

The right stuff: A year of Sina-cism in the Sun

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Begging has reached new levels in our society, Sinacola says.

It’s been about a year since we brought the band back together, convincing award-winning observers Chris Sinacola and David Hitch to dust off their considerable skills and join the Sun family. To celebrate the milestone, join us in taking a look back at some of the best stuff they’ve delivered to our lucky members.

Top Spots: Hitch’s greatest hits [from Nov. 16]

Salt and capitalism, starring BirchTree Bread Co.

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

“Naturally, when vendors are invited into the BirchTree forest of wonders, they aren’t just any vendors. They are small, startup businesses such as one sees in places like Brooklyn; Brattleboro, Vermont; and those ‘burbs of Boston where such purveyors of charm can make the rent. Thus, this was no ordinary sodium chloride. It was, to overuse an overused adjective, artisanal salt. It was, to further wear out a second worn-out adjective, curated salt.” Naturally, then, a lesson on capitalism and small government with Prof. Sinacola ensues. [Aug. 14]

In Dudley, Muslims need not apply

“You may believe that the people of Dudley are actually well informed about Muslims, and truly understand that the Islamic Society of Greater Worcester is composed of proud, hardworking and loyal Americans, many of whom – like the settlers of Dudley – came to this country for greater freedom and opportunity. But I don’t.” Chris Sinacola has waited long enough to weigh in on this. [May 1]

Enter the trigger-man, guns blazing

Roy Rogers and his horse, Trigger ... have no warnings for you.

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Roy Rogers and his horse, Trigger … have no warnings for you.

“Trigger warnings aren’t simply misguided. They aren’t some necessary evil that help protect a few truly unfortunate and silently suffering souls from revisiting the darkness in their past while the rest of us are supposed to nod understandingly. They are an insult to the intelligence and integrity of both those who create art and those who consume it.” Tell us how you really feel, Chris! (Don’t worry, he does … Listen up, kids.) [May 22]

Foreclosure myths WAFT through Worcester

“Why should mortgage holders help those able to help themselves? Isn’t self-reliance a good thing? And didn’t the left cry foul when the financial industry spent years offering too much credit to Americans, thus triggering the Great Recession?” Clearly, Chris Sinacola will NOT be attending a foreclosure blockade anytime soon. [Sept. 11]

Worcester’s search for itself

“It simply cannot be true that the Zip code, sex or race of the city’s next schools superintendent constitutes proof of excellence for leading a system of 25,000 students. The real search is one for self-definition. The discordant din raised in the press, on social media and in the city’s diners amounts to a collective expression of frustration that a city this good can and should be so much better, but isn’t.” [Feb. 7]

When government misfires

Bravo Company Mfg. modified AR-15

Wikimedia Commons

Bravo Company Mfg. modified AR-15

“No one is free to violate the Constitution, due process and the rights of their fellow citizens. Yet that is exactly what Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey did on July 20, when she issued an interpretation of the state’s 1998 ‘assault weapons’ ban. I add the quotes because, while any weapon in the wrong hands can be deadly, there is no such thing as an assault weapon.” Chris Sinacola dives right — all the way to the right! — into the testy waters of America’s gun-rights debate. [Oct. 9]

A run of the Mill situation

“Sadly, [the thinking of scholars in 1859] appears to be rather far ahead of that of many of our contemporaries. This is best illustrated by college students nationwide who have staged protests, sit-ins, boycotts and shouting matches to air grievances whose substance and specificity are so vaporous as to make analysis of their legitimacy impossible.” Sinacola bravely exercises his freedom of speech within mere miles of a dozen college campuses. [Nov. 29, 2015]

Begging for economic trouble

“Economics, to be sure, has advanced through the decades but the basics remain: Gain skills and knowledge, work hard, become more productive, and over time your abilities will command a higher wage and thus purchase more goods and services. For the many on the left these days, it seems not all those steps are required.” [March 27]

The real line on immigration and how Obama crossed it

President Barack Obama


President Barack Obama

“Undocumented immigrants have no right to legally work here, and no president has the power to simply call such a right into existence. The Supreme Court merely upheld a law. That four members of the Court misinterpreted the law is a measure of how low standards have fallen for becoming a member of that once-august body.” [July 3]

Diversity is no guarantee of good government for Worcester

“While it is critical that government guarantee equality of opportunity, it is equally critical that government not try to guarantee equality of results. On that point, I am concerned. … To claim, as the city’s new diversity chief Malika Carter does in a recent Sun interview, that institutions ‘were built for power, to keep the power in and keep the powerless out,’ is neither true nor helpful.” For Chris Sinacola, this is but the tip of the iceberg of concern. [July 31]

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