January 1, 2017

Editorial: Past, present and future, hard work is Worcester’s heartbeat

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A work ethic, a good heart and a promising future — that’s our city.

As the world tacks the 2017 calendar to the wall, there’s no question that Worcester has positioned itself well. Rarely flamboyant or one to shout out its praises, the city sticks to an old-fashioned formula of trying to do things right with what it’s got.

And, what it’s got is a lot.

In the current climate of political upheaval and uncertainty, we’re thinking especially of the city’s assets that have long held true but don’t necessarily meet the eye.

A key one is diversity. Here in Worcester, we have ethnic diversity, income diversity, lifestyle diversity and all ages well represented, from people with deep family roots to a large and always changing college student population. Residents represent a huge range of ambitions, talents, career paths and ideas.

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