January 22, 2017

Sina-cism: Confess your sins, Comrade DeVos

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Elizabeth Warren says, Nyet! to Betsy DeVos.

Surely you understand that every ruble the citizens of our great land contribute to the education of the rising generations must be carefully held within the established system of state-sponsored education.
Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

On Jan. 9, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent a 16-page letter to Betsy DeVos, nominee for secretary of education.

The Senate held hearings for DeVos last Tuesday and is slated to vote on her nomination this Tuesday. The full text of Warren’s letter is here.

Here is a heavily edited version:

9 January 1937

Betsy DeVos
People’s Commissariat for Education
Moscow, USSR

Dear Comrade DeVos,

Congratulations on your nomination to serve as the People’s Commissar of Education. I look forward to your “testimony” before the Politburo.

The People’s Commissar of Education is responsible for enforcing the Party’s critical laws and protections for pre-K through 12 students throughout our glorious motherland.

Unfortunately, your work in the Michigan Soviet Socialist Republic during the last two Five Year Plans has raised disturbing questions about your understanding of the duties of a state servant.

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