February 1, 2017

Charlie Baker on leading in the era of Trump … and constant protests

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Antonio Caban / State House News Service

Gov. Charlie Baker

BOSTON — A moderate Republican governor who did not support President Donald Trump’s candidacy, Gov. Charlie Baker now finds himself having to advocate for his state’s needs in Washington while keeping the new — and unpopular in Massachusetts — president at an arm’s length.

Though he has taken heat from some for attending Trump’s inauguration but not either of the large demonstrations held in Boston over the past two weekends, the governor suggested this week the best way for him to deal with the White House is through intergovernmental channels and not public rallies.

“I made my views clear on Donald Trump as a candidate, I’ve made my views clear a number of times on issues that have taken place since he took office, and I will continue to do that,” Baker said during his “Ask the Governor” segment on WGBH. “But I also have a job to do and the job I have to do is to represent the state’s interest every day around federal policy that has tremendous import to Massachusetts.”

During the campaign, Baker said repeatedly that Trump does not have the “temperament or the seriousness of purpose” to be president. Baker said he did not vote for his party’s nominee on Election Day.

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