February 26, 2017

Editorial: The president vs. the press

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Flickr / Gage Skidmore

President Trump

It could be that he’ll never be able to abide criticism, or that he doesn’t understand the American political system. Or both. It could be, too, that he has something to hide. He seems to have a personality that exudes dominance and demands acquiescence from others. On all of this, the press is an invaluable check.

President Trump is uncomfortable with open discussion of his administration.

This is a serious problem. Not just for the media, but for America.

Though the president has picked fights with numerous groups and causes in his five weeks in office — Muslims, Mexico, federal judges, the FBI, undocumented immigrants, transgender people, trade partners, the environment, election integrity, Australia — the nation’s free press seems to occupy a special place on his list.

“Enemy of the American people,” alarmingly, is how he views some members of the mainstream press.

What these “enemies” have in common is that they have criticized the Trump administration or election campaign, or probed into sensitive topics.

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