February 1, 2017

Editorial: What happens when the outraged run out of rage?

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Sam Doran / State House News Service

Trump protesters rallied at the State House after the Nov. 8 presidential election.

We’re less than two weeks into the presidency of Donald J. Trump, and the citizens are demonstrating, literally and figuratively, the power, greatness and promise of the United States of America.

It began with what’s been called the largest protest ever held on U.S. soil. The Women’s March on Washington spurred similar marches in major cities across the globe. In total, they were estimated to have drawn between 3.3 million and 4.6 million people.

One week later, protesters, independently but unified in belief, gathered at airports from coast to coast to rally against Trump’s travel ban.

The outrage which sparked these and other smaller rallies is valid, and the protests are a hopeful sign of an engaged citizenry.

But the outrage and the protest come with a cost.

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3 thoughts on “Editorial: What happens when the outraged run out of rage?

  1. Hopefully there are enough people to maintain enough calm to figure out what he is really up to. All this is designed to create blinding anger through misdirection……hoping no one will pay attention to what he really wants to do to us, the other 99%.

  2. I agree with the need to remain engaged, but I see not so much outrage in the opposition to Trump’s actions as determination. That does not dissipate as readily.

  3. Trump has banned immigration from only 7 of 50+ muslim majority countries.
    These seven countries are the seven countries that Obama was actively bombing with drones during his presidency. It makes sense to closely vett people who may be very angry with you and want to kill us.

    So many lies being told by the media and pols it is hard to keep up.

    Remember that Orlando nightclub shooter that Maura Healey claims did it because he had easy access to an AR style weapon. Well in the transcript of his conversation with the Orlando PD he says that he was upset about the drone bombings.

    Wake the “eff up people.
    Trump is attempting to keep us safe from the people that Obama was bombing with his own private “hitlist”.