February 12, 2017

Editorial: Scout’s honor: ‘I know in my heart who I am’

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Anyone who has ever taken an extra moment to understand someone and give them a chance — happy Valentine’s Day.

A Worcester Boy Scouts troop has served that role for Trevor Huntley.

As reported by Worcester Magazine last week, Mohegan Council Troop 37 in the Quinsigamond District accepted this young man as a member and helped him achieve what would seem an unreachable dream. Using Scouting rules that allow carefully personalized adaptations for Scouts with disabilities, Trevor over the last dozen years has aimed for — and earned — a Boy Scout’s most coveted rank.

Trevor, who was born with cerebral palsy, will be inducted as an Eagle Scout this spring. He’s cleared all the hurdles except for one expected soon — approval by the Boy Scouts’ National Advancement Committee — and has won respect, friends, and a sash full of badges along the way.

Trevor’s path toward the Eagle Scout medal has differences, but none having to do with how incredibly hard he worked. He is 25, while the approximately 4 percent of Boy Scouts who achieve the Eagle distinction must generally complete the requirements before their 18th birthday. And Trevor’s physical condition is severely limiting: He is non-vocal, has limited use of his legs, and has an arm that doesn’t function at all.

But Trevor has much more than he lacks. He has people who believe in him, beginning with himself.

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