March 12, 2017

On the road to big things, with singer Dezi Garcia

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Matthew Wright /

Dezi Garcia's career appears ready to take the on-ramp to success, but first he must navigate the difficult intersection of talent and opportunity.

We are living in a digital world, and Dezi Garcia is an analog guy.

Or at least that’s what the young Grafton Hill crooner wants people to hear when they listen to the six songs on the album he released to iTunes Jan. 27: “Analog Mind in a Digital World”.

“Ultimately, an analog mind is an ‘outcast’ way of thinking,” Garcia said. “It’s like an introvert [who] realizes the complexity of his or her mind and steers away from mainstream thinking.”

While you wrap your head around Garcia’s free-thinking singer-songwriter perspective, consider the mind-numbing gauntlet that lies between the St. Peter-Marian graduate and the sold-out stadium tour dreamt of by most musical up-and-comers.

A little outside-the-box thinking might not hurt, after all.

After more than two years of writing, it took Garcia, 22, about another year to record and produce 18 minutes of music for the EP.

Matthew Wright /

Garcia recently released his second album.

And now he’s searching for an agent and/or manager to help him book more gigs outside of Worcester and begin to boost his profile as he aims for a summer tour that spans the East Coast. You won’t get much argument about Garcia’s talent, but settling on the best way to leverage that ability into a sizable audience — that’s not so cut and dried.

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