March 5, 2017

Sina-cism: Among the true-blue believers

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They say Massachusetts is the bluest state, but Washington can’t be far behind.

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

While I haven’t yet perfected my Liberal-O-Meter, preliminary readings from the prototype recently were of a magnitude never yet recorded.

The first signals were received shortly after we left Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and saw the first of many billboards touting the best cannabis in town. Smaller versions of these ads can be found in various publications, such as Seattle Weekly, the Feb. 22 issue of which carried a back-cover ad for Dutchy (“Fine cannabis. Pass it to the left.”)

Based on limited research — a couple hours of walking around the University District, downtown and Pioneer Square neighborhoods — it appears impossible to go more than one block in any direction in Seattle without seeing a poster, sign or handbill urging solidarity against the fascist dictator now occupying the White House.

Many restaurants and retail shops display posters declaring they are “no place for hate” and that refugees and immigrants are welcome. Such posters are common in parts of Massachusetts, as well, but in Seattle they are ubiquitous and inescapable.

I was even offered a bumper sticker urging the immediate impeachment of the aforementioned fascist dictator. I declined, since my car’s bumper is no place for hate.

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