March 19, 2017

Inbox [March 19]: Worcester State tests exam-free waters, WPI among tops for earning potential, Anna Maria receives $200K grant, AAS gets $17.7M for expansion and renovation, Worcester County advantageous for home-buyers

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WPI's Beech Tree -- campus won't be so serene with all these robots in town.

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Worcester State going ‘test optional’ for fall 2018

Because SAT and ACT test scores are not very predictive of student outcomes, Worcester State University is joining a growing number of universities going “test optional” in its undergraduate admissions process, beginning with applicants for fall 2018.

“Worcester State University seeks the fairest, most outcome-oriented process for admitting students,” Vice President for Enrollment Management Ryan Forsythe said. “Our research shows that SAT or ACT scores are far down the list of factors that predict whether or not a student will succeed. We therefore have decided to consider students who do not submit those scores for admission.”

Forsythe says that several months of research and campus community input preceded the decision to change the testing requirement. “For some,” he added, “the test scores are an unnecessary barrier that discourages them from applying.”

Current practice, for those entering fall 2017 or spring 2018, requires that applicants submit either an SAT or ACT score. Applicants who do not provide a test result are not considered. Except for some specific programs, students applying for the fall 2018 admission cycle will no longer be required to submit such a score. Applicants may or may not choose to do so.

Exceptions to the new policy include applicants to the university’s high-demand nursing and occupational studies programs; international and English as a Second Language applicants; and those who were home-schooled.

More information is available on the Worcester State University website

CNBC ranks WPI 7th in country

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