April 9, 2017

Are you ready for some lacrosse? Read this and you will be

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SuiteSports.com / Joe Parello

Jack Donahue and Drew Kozub (background) are among the top lacrosse players in the region, making St. John's, as usual, one of the teams to beat.

While we have endured a late snowstorm and a windy, damp and generally uncooperative beginning to the season, it’s still spring in the Heart of the Commonwealth, and that means lacrosse is underway for several high school teams in and around Worcester.

As the sport continues to grow nationwide — from about 250,000 players in 2001 to more than 800,000 in 2015, per US Lacrosse — it is expanding at an exponential rate in Central Massachusetts, where every year there seems to be a new team, new youth program, or a long-suffering squad that breaks through to the tournament.

This year will likely be no different, as Auburn — a school traditionally with more than its fair share of standout athletes — begins its first year as a varsity program, and a number of other local teams gear up for what they hope to be successful seasons.

Teams to Watch

St. John’s

The Pioneers are always among the favorites in Central Mass., but this year’s St. John’s team could be on the verge of something truly special. This power program hasn’t been to the state championship game since 2009, but there’s some buzz that this year’s group, with its blend of experience and raw talent, could get back to the promised land.

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