April 19, 2017

Editorial footnote: An offer for Notre Dame

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The Notre Dame des Canadiens Church at Salem Square

Sun Staff/Worcester Sun

The Notre Dame des Canadiens Church at Salem Square

The one-year demolition delay on the iconic Notre Dame des Canadiens church in Salem Square expired last weekend.

In the runup to the end of the delay, as we wrote on March 29, “Preservation Worcester released a 13-page development package, schematics and prospective rehabilitation budget for the church. That was quickly followed by news that City Square II Development Co. LLC, which is controlled by The Hanover Insurance Group, has entered into an agreement to sell the church to a buyer it did not identify.”

On March 28, the Worcester City Council adopted a non-binding resolution that urged, “all parties controlling the future of Notre Dame des Canadiens Church to delay its demolition for a reasonable additional period of time to allow for potential developers to pursue its development.”

Late Tuesday afternoon Preservation Worcester announced in a press release that it and the Re-Imagine Notre Dame Committee have located a qualified developer “who made a bona fide offer on the structure” and who would seek “to restore and re-purpose the building with exciting amenities that support downtown development.”

Not all news was hopeful, though.

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