April 5, 2017

Editorial: The $22B black eye

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Massachusetts residents have it pretty good.

We live in a state with world-class health care, world-class education and one of the best state economies in the nation. Even in our politics, a majority of us follow the path that leads to inclusivity and justice.

Bay Staters have it pretty good. We’re proud of that fact and rightly so.

It is in this vein that data released recently should do more than just give us pause. It should outrage everyone.

In advance of national Equal Pay Day, which was yesterday, the National Partnership for Women & Families released data on the toll taken by the wage gap on women and families in Massachusetts.

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One thought on “Editorial: The $22B black eye

  1. We can start by providing paid family leave and flexible work arrangements. This will improve women’s job security and protect against loss of wages and loss of job advancement opportunities because women will no longer be forced to decide between caring for their children and keeping their job.