April 12, 2017

Retirement board renews push to halt pensions paid to teachers with child pornography convictions

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BOSTON — Possession of child pornography can ruin a teacher’s career but will not necessarily stop pension payments.

The Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System, which provides benefits to more than 63,000 retirees and survivors, hopes to change that.

The system’s executive director, Erika Glaster, asked the Legislature’s Public Service Committee Tuesday to once again report favorably on legislation (H 22) that would effectively prohibit teachers convicted of possession of child pornography from receiving their pension payments.

“Any conviction that shows a teacher’s desire to exploit children in such a despicable manner as child pornography, even if it occurred off-duty, is inconsistent with the professional standards of a teacher and the special obligation that all teachers have to protect children,” Glaster told the committee.

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