May 10, 2017

Contractor license suspended, Jay Pelletz still leaving customers in lurch

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Patrick Sargent/For Worcester Sun

Mutual Builders' former headquarters at 660 Park Ave.

Melissa and Brian Barrows moved in 2015 into a secluded subdivision among the evergreens near the Quinebaug River in Southbridge called Hunter’s Ridge.

The home was built in 2006 on a short cul-de-sac called Quail Run, just off of Red Fox Blvd. and before Whitetail Circle.

Sounds good, so far. Idyllic even.

Except the home was built by Jamaheja, Inc., a contracting company owned by troubled Worcester real estate agent and developer Jay Pelletz, who has left accusations of unfinished work, broken promises and tens of thousands of dollars in money owed in his wake, according to several unsatisfied customers over the years.

However, unlike many of Pelletz’s former clients, the Barrows haven’t had any problems with their home.

“Knock on wood, right now we have not had any issues with our house that stem back to the building process of it,” Melissa told the Sun recently.

Instead, like the other residents of Quail Run, town leaders in Southbridge and one local bank, the Barrows’ problems on the homefront stem from Pelletz’s refusal to meet his obligations to maintain the private roads of the subdivision.

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