May 7, 2017

Editorial: On health care, a sickening display

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Wikimedia Commons

The Capitol building -- looks good from afar, but it's a mess in there, Mariano says.

Republicans’ years-long, devil-may-care and glaringly unprepared push to repeal and replace Obamacare has households across the country today confused and scared, and rightfully so.

Last week, the national sickness that is politics took a turn for the worse.

The U.S. House barely passed its atrocious healthcare legislation, then gathered in all-Republican force at the White House Rose Garden as if in triumph.

It’s not, first of all, a triumph in the furious quest to overturn Obamacare just yet. This dishearteningly flawed bill, the House’s second try at writing a healthcare measure since President Trump took office, must next face the Senate, where the knee-jerk “repeal” reflex is less pronounced.

Some Republican senators have already signaled a more cautious approach to this serious and complex matter. And in terms of party representation, the Senate makeup leaves them less margin for error.

We will surely get better from that chamber. The hope, now, is that Americans in need of universal, high-quality health care will get far better treatment than received from the House.

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