May 31, 2017

Great Wall’s failing wall comes down [with video]

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Patrick Sargent / For Worcester Sun

Portions of the crumbling rear wall behind the Great Wall restaurant, 521 Main St., were removed late Tuesday, May 30, as continued erosion caused major safety concerns.

Beginning late Tuesday night and into the early morning hours of Wednesday, the rear wall of 521 Main Street — home of the Great Wall Chinese restaurant — was demolished piece by piece because of significant structural damage.

The demo work has left the first two floors of the building exposed and the building’s fire escape has been almost entirely removed.

In just a matter of days — since the Sun first reported on Sunday, May 27 — the wall began to buckle and large sections of brick fell from the building’s facade into the alleyway of Allen Court at the rear of the building.

According to a source who works in a nearby building, on Tuesday, May 30, city officials deemed the structure at 521 Main St. unsafe and evacuated staff at the neighboring MetroPCS at 517 Main St. and residents living in the apartments above it.

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