May 14, 2017

Sina-cism: Fighting what never was to create what never can be

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Antonio Caban / State House News Service

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Warren has never seen a tax cut she liked. In her view, Reagan was notable only for busting unions and deregulating industries.
Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s latest book, “This Fight Is Our Fight,” is dedicated “To the people of Massachusetts, who sent me into this fight,” so I am confident that includes me. Otherwise, she would have omitted the comma, thus limiting the dedication to those voters who actually cast a ballot for her.

So I bought a copy and spent part of an otherwise gorgeous spring weekend imbibing the political wisdom of our senior senator.

Warren’s previous effort to build her presidential résumé, “A Fighting Chance,” came when she was new to politics. We got to learn about her Native American heritage (OK, just one passing mention) and up-from-poverty past.

This latest installment in résumé-building, subtitled “The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class,” is 270 pages of partisanship, perhaps to be expected from someone who never stops telling us how deeply she cares about every left-wing cause. But she undermines herself. Warren spends so much time demonizing Republicans that when we get to what passes for serious policy discussion, her credibility is shot.

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