June 18, 2017

Football star Kevin Mensah runs for the border, chooses UConn

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Sun Illustration / Photo courtesy Kevin Mensah, Twitter

Kevin Mensah was hoping his big season at Shepherd Hill would lead to a scholarship offer from a top football program.

Kevin Mensah, the former Holy Name football and track star whose transfer to another school last fall caused a stir and put his gridiron goals in jeopardy, announced on Twitter June 17 that he has committed to play Division I football at the University of Connecticut.

“This past year has been WILD with trying to be eligible to play football and trying to find the right class[es],” he wrote in a phone message posted to Twitter Friday evening. “I would love to announce that I will be committing and attending the University of Connecticut this fall to play football and to continue my education. Can’t wait to be a Husky!”

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