July 9, 2017

Editorial: Ensuring safe play should be priority for Worcester leaders

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Carol McDonald / For Worcester Sun

Reasonable folks expect a little wear and tear, but city parks shouldn't be in such disrepair as to invite serious injuries.

We’re used to the thump-thump of basketballs in summer. If there’s a hoop to aim at, kids all over the city will shoot layups and jump shots to sharpen skills and kill some free time.

No one would have expected — and no one should accept — the sound heard by a Worcester teenager at Holland Rink Playground on June 30.

Kadisha Evans had been practicing free throws at the little-known city park on Lincoln Street when the backboard and its heavy steel support structure crashed to the pavement.

“It was so scary,” she told the Telegram & Gazette. “What if it fell on me? It was really, really loud, to the point I didn’t even know what was going on.”

The city should count its lucky stars the structure didn’t fall on her — and should react as decisively as if it had.

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