August 16, 2017

Editorial: When will we say, ‘Enough!’ ?

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Charlottesville showed us an almost unrecognizable country over the weekend.

In that pretty, usually quiet Virginia city, the flaming torches, gun-toting marchers, and ugly, hateful chants — instigated by far-right outsiders and outliers — were “disturbing and sickening,” Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said in Boston on Monday.

We can’t think of two more apt descriptions.

“It’s disturbing and sickening to turn on the news and see that there are people in this country who believe that the color of their skin or their place of birth makes them superior to their neighbors, and we as a commonwealth flatly denounce and reject this intolerance,” the governor said during a press conference about what could be a similar rally planned for Saturday in Boston.

The events in Charlottesville were also unusual. Unlike a surprise attack, such as when Dylann Roof slayed nine African-Americans in a Charleston, S.C., church two years ago, a sense of foreboding grew starting Friday night. The frightening clashes that erupted then and the next day sent people across the country into an unmooring sense of helplessness — and then, thankfully, for many, the opposite of helplessness.

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One thought on “Editorial: When will we say, ‘Enough!’ ?

  1. Agree 100%….however would also like to mention that was the first hate rally I’ve ever seen where the police just had to stand there and do NOTHING until the rally was actually supposed to start. I don’t know what laws governing right to assembly that they were trying not to squash….but they should have been BETWEEN the hate mongers and the crowd that showed up to tell them that their opinions were not those of the local citizenry. If there had been a nice wide no mans land between groups, things would not have spiralled out of control before the “official” start of the rally. It must’ve been so hard on the police and national guard to just stand there watching violence erupt and spin out of control; watching the danger grow and grow around them. These hate mongers were walking around with weapons and riot gear….they should have been arrested as soon as they got out of their vehicles. They obviously came to do violence. Caused me quite a lot of fear watching what was going on from a policemans point of view. I think the higher ups made a bad call on deployment.