September 3, 2017

Worcester Weekly: Worcester Pride, SPM football + more, Sept. 3-9

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Wikimedia Commons / Gilbert Baker

Worcester Pride, Sept. 6-10

The most fun you’ll have with a calendar of events all week. And you just might learn something, too.

Road trip!

Sunday, Sept. 3 — Spencer Fair, 8 a.m. [gates open], Spencer Fairground, 48 Smithville Road, Spencer  Oh, the spectacle of the annual country fair! Step right up and win a stuffed animal for your favorite girl or guy. Watch your favorite girl or guy become a stuffed animal — bursting at the seams with corn dogs and cotton candy and all the fried dough. Never, ever leave the fairgrounds without losing a loved one for at least an hour or two. And, oh the manure smell. It’s magical!

Really, it is, and there’s nary a New Englander whose memory banks aren’t flush with childhood recollections drenched in powdered sugar and carnival ride background music.

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