October 4, 2017

Editorial: American Roulette

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Wikimedia Commons / Flickr / Cory Doctorow

It's disheartening to know that gun sales in America are about to spike after the massacre in Las Vegas.

The first shots rang out on the Las Vegas Strip at 10:08 p.m. PDT.

Less than 9 hours later, with victims still succumbing to their wounds and the country just starting to wrestle with the enormity of Sunday night’s attack, stocks of U.S. gunmakers were already rising.

This is the new normal.

With the provocative headline “Gun stocks are getting their usual post-bloodshed pop,” an article in Vice News explained the phenomenon.

“Stocks in gun companies have been known to rise in the aftermath of American mass killings, as the killings can lead to an increase in chatter surrounding the imposition of new laws restricting gun sales,” the article reads.

“And while Congress hasn’t passed any new tough new gun laws since 1994’s assault weapons ban (since allowed to expire), the mere mention of new restrictions has been enough to spur a short-term rise in gun sales, and therefore profits for gun makers.”

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One thought on “Editorial: American Roulette

  1. Wondering if you know of a site that can provide information to the public regarding gun control initiatives that never make it past committee (and who was on those committees) and on how their Senators & Representatives voted on each that actually made it to the floor for a vote?