November 5, 2017

Editorial: Work cut out for next City Council

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Some say this municipal election is not very exciting. We don’t necessarily agree — because there are so many exciting things ahead for our city.

The next Worcester City Council will help see the city through the next phase of all the downtown changes, and it is a critical phase indeed, when it’s all supposed to start coming together — more residents, workers and visitors in the city core together creating the “feel” of an interesting, fully functioning urban center.

No blueprint can do this. No construction crane can create it.

It falls largely on leaders with vision, good sense, and a spirit of cooperation to make the myriad “smaller” decisions that fill in the gaps, and bring in the life, once the money and concrete has been poured for most of the big-ticket choices.

The delicate task for the next City Council — and for the constituents who elect them and sometimes offer suggestions to them — is to be sensitive to what’s missing in the downtown development operations.

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