Editorial: Work cut out for next City Council

With the municipal election Tuesday — and changes afoot every day in Worcester — we hope for a City Council resolved to be stronger. Many of the big development pieces are either in place or on the way. This puts the city at a critical juncture. We need the next set of city councilors to bring the vision, determination, cooperation and leadership that will help glue it all together.

Editorial: MIAA at fault in girl-golfer flap

Everyone knows who really won a high school golf tournament in Uxbridge last week. But bizarrely, because of her gender and an arcane rule, Emily Nash of Lunenburg didn’t take home the trophy. Instead, the second-place finisher took the prize. The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association rule is wrong and unfair. But everything was right about the perspective and presence-of-mind both athletes showed.

Editorial: Powering up help to Puerto Rico

Editorial: Powering up help to Puerto Rico | Unfortunately, it’s not too late to offer generosity to a storm-ravaged Caribbean island that is in some ways a neighbor to Worcester. The city is lending six police officers to Puerto Rico, and citizens can help, too. Cash donations could mean a lot to a place that was already struggling financially, and now must rebuild.

Editorial: Courting Amazon, and all that comes with it

Seattle-based Amazon is shopping around for a place to build a second headquarters. Will Worcester beat the stiff competition? Do we want it to? We look at the city’s assets from Amazon’s point of view. We wonder, too, whether the behemoth’s arrival would change us for better or for worse.