Editorial: Caring community hits back at Hurricane Harvey

From severe storm damage to cautions about charity scams, a hurricane hundreds of miles away has dominated headlines for days. But it’s hard to know how best to help out. The city and two service agencies have teamed up for an answer: a disaster-relief fundraiser this Friday afternoon and evening on the Worcester Common.

Editorial: Labor Day, education and robots

As we get ready to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Labor Day in Massachusetts, we note the holiday had traditionally signified the beginning of school. Two recent studies suggest that never in history has the connection between education and employment been more apparent. However, while one paper defines the problem, the other clearly spells out a solution.

Editorial: Bring the ‘A’ game

It’s a new academic year in Worcester this week — assuming the bus drivers union steers clear of an ill-advised strike — and the slate is (mostly) clean. Teachers have a new contract, school officials have plans and ideas for the future, and students have the relaxing buffer of summer under their belt. We have one piece of advice to everyone involved, and not just for the first day but all 180: Do your best.

Editorial: Science deserves healthy support

President Trump has a proposed a multi-million-dollar mistake: slashing $7.7 billion from the budget of the National Institutes of Health for next year. Fortunately, Congress has indicated it could push back. Meanwhile, a gathering of research and civic leaders last week reminded us just how busy the field of biomedicine is in Worcester, and how vital it is for the nation.

Editorial: When will we say, ‘Enough!’ ?

Displays of brash, extreme hate and violence are the opposite of the America the vast majority of us believe in. But instances have been on the uptick. Will Charlottesville mark a turning point? Here in Worcester and across the country, more good Americans from all backgrounds are realizing: It’s up to us to say, ‘Enough.’

Veterans Inc.

Editorial: On Grove Street, an enduring and worthy cause

Veterans Inc. is a successful, homegrown organization that will soon put out a call to the community for help. A capital campaign is coming for an overdue upgrade of its headquarters. This is a chance for Worcester-area residents to say thank you to ex-military men and women we don’t always remember: the ones who have temporarily lost their way.

Editorial: Out with the old, in with the new?

While a vote by the Planning Board last week brought Worcester one step closer to the demolition of Notre Dame des Canadiens Church, the city appeared intent on moving full speed ahead to lure the Pawtucket Red Sox to Worcester and build a stadium near Kelley Square. The similarities and differences in these developments tell a lot about the priorities of the city’s leaders.

Editorial: CRISPR and the future

Only a lucky few are able to be at the cutting edge of scientific discovery — even here in Worcester, with our many universities and biotechnology companies. But we’re all qualified to contemplate science’s implications.  So, what should we think about last week’s report that CRISPR technology has edited out harmful DNA from viable human embryos?

Editorial: Investments big and small

Large-scale developments in downtown Worcester affirm the value we place in the city in which we live, work and play. But out of the limelight and without fanfare, development is happening throughout the city. We salute the developments that otherwise go unnoticed and lament the ones that got away.