The Notre Dame des Canadiens Church at Salem Square

Editorial footnote: An offer for Notre Dame

Preservation Worcester announced Tuesday that it and the Re-Imagine Notre Dame Committee have found a qualified developer to make an offer for Notre Dame des Canadiens church with plans to renovate and re-purpose the building. But not all the news was hopeful. We again ask all parties involved to work together to keep the iconic Worcester structure standing.

Editorial: An improved outlook for psychiatric services in Worcester

A proposed 120-bed hospital in the city’s Burncoat section will help fill an important need for mental health patients. The for-profit venture involving UMass Memorial Health Care and a New York City-based company would also bring jobs and tax revenue. This is a dose of very good news for a city where many have been dismayed by a plan to eliminate 13 psychiatric beds at its top teaching hospital.

Elm Park Bridge

Editorial: Want to make Worcester a better place? Step up by stepping out

With Earth Day cleanups behind us and good weather ahead, we consider the role parks and other public places have on the city’s collective well-being. With the city and civic groups such as Park Spirit leading the way, a better Worcester is closer than you think.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 153]: Death, taxes and the American dream

New services and technology make the daunting process a little easier every year, but then, the more things change the more they stay the same. Right?

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 152]: The continuing saga of the Midtown Mall

Years of neglect, simmering criminal activity and public ambivalence have painted a decidedly unflattering picture of the once estimable downtown destination.

Editorial: Tarentino killing could — and should — mark turning point for state law

Gov. Baker has revived a bill he proposed in the wake of the shocking killing of an Auburn police officer last year. The Legislature should pass the governor’s measures, which would tighten penalties and provide authorities more recourse when faced with an offender who caused serious bodily harm to a police officer.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 151]: It pays to be with the ACLU

In its lower-court legal triumph over Worcester’s unconstitutional panhandling ordinances, the local chapter racked up a $1M bill it wanted the city to foot.

Editorial: The $22B black eye

Data released recently shows the toll taken by the wage gap in Massachusetts. Women of the commonwealth are being shortchanged on a staggering scale despite living in a state that has a staked leadership position on many issues of social justice. Take a break from feeling good about where you live and consider the effects of allowing the wage gap to continue to exist in Massachusetts.

Editorial: Plans for fire museum on track, deserve support

Union Station has been getting clobbered over its operating deficit, water leaks and trouble attracting tenants. But there’s good news, too, at the city’s iconic landmark. If all goes as planned, the Worcester Fire Museum and Education Center will be moving in next year, helping to salvage the station’s utility and prestige, and giving the public an interesting new destination.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 150]: Weighing symptoms of Worcester health deficit

All those experts, with all their charts and graphs, never quite capture the true effects of certain, specific environmental factors. … Paging Dr. Hitch.