Editorial: Oui, the people

The reaction to President Trump’s intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord has galvanized opposition across party lines and across multiple layers of government. Have his actions accidentally created bipartisan support for a new era of government?

Editorial: In Worcester, a lesson in laundry and kindness

Just as the school year is about to end, a small news item out of Sullivan Middle School has provided a glimpse into the world inside those halls. At Sullivan and elsewhere, something as simple as clean clothes is a problem for some students. The solution put in place is surprisingly straightforward.

Editorial: Taxes: Who pays and how much?

With federal and state governments increasingly unable or unwilling to maintain their level of aid to cities such as Worcester, the city faces a future of having to shoulder more of the burden for the services its residents expect. Alas, there’s one thing that keep it from being able to deal effectively with this changing landscape.

Editorial: Economic development by the numbers

A recent report by City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. and Chief Development Officer Michael Traynor shows that Worcester’s use of a key economic development incentive is producing positive results.

Editorial: Farewell to First Night as we know it

First Night Worcester had some disappointing turnouts in recent years and always tight finances. It also had staying power and spunk, putting on quite the annual variety show since its 1982 debut. The nonprofit organization’s decision to fold is a chance to applaud a good run, and see New Year’s in a new light.