Editorial: A week’s worth of fireworks in Worcester

In recent days there’s been some rapid-fire good news in Worcester. For instance: If you’re stuck in Cape traffic over the holiday, imagine being able to take a plane there from Worcester instead. That service debuted Thursday. (Now imagine being able to afford flying instead of driving. Oh, well — can’t have everything.) Here’s a look at some of the latest reasons things seem to be looking up for our city.

Editorial: Another year shortchanging our students

The end of the school year is an appropriate time to lament another missed opportunity for state leaders to adequately fund public education. However, nearly a quarter century after transformative education reform, there is hope that things will begin to change.

Editorial: Horses on the force

Worcester hasn’t had mounted police since the 1940s. Now — in a development that a year ago was barely on the public’s radar — they’re back. We’re all for trotting out new ideas, but will this prove to be a good one once the novelty wears off? We’re guessing yes.

Editorial: Leadership fails test over candidate’s Turtleboy tie

We don’t want government sticking its neck out where it doesn’t belong. But a local lawyer’s lyrical commenting on and other ties to the Turtleboy Sports blog may have knocked her out of the running for a spot on the Zoning Board of Appeals. This is wrong, and Councilor Konnie Lukes was right to want to look into it.

Editorial: Raising taxes by constitutional amendment

If all goes as expected today, a constitutional amendment to raise taxes on incomes in excess of $1 million will be on the state ballot in 2018. The state’s current budget crisis and future obligations merit discussion of increasing taxes, but is a constitutional amendment really the right way to proceed?

Editorial: Oui, the people

The reaction to President Trump’s intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord has galvanized opposition across party lines and across multiple layers of government. Have his actions accidentally created bipartisan support for a new era of government?