For George’s Bakery, bread is where the heart is

“Lucian Sbat came to Worcester from Aleppo, Syria, 18 years ago. He heard about George’s Bakery shortly after his arrival in Worcester, but could never believe his friends when they’d try to convince him the bread tasted authentic.” And now he stops by the Grafton Hill mainstay three times a week — much like generations of city folks who’ve made George’s Bakery a true survivor.

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To the editor: After years of negotiations, Worcester Central Catholic School teachers plan protest to urge fair compensation

“Since 2010, the central office has offered only four step increases, and has not agreed to a cost-of-living increase during any of those years. It is DELTA’s hope that the central office will recognize the need for meaningful change and come to a salary agreement that will begin to fairly compensate their teachers, thereby ensuring that the students in the Catholic schools continue to benefit.”

Cosmopolitan Club endures ever-changing landscape

While not much has stayed the same on Grafton Hill over the last 80 years or so, there’s always been one surefire place you could go to meet a friend — maybe even your future spouse — have a beer and a laugh, and let all those changes wash away for an hour or two.

Mariano: In praise of our teachers

“When I was a student, teachers were generally treated with respect. Over the last several years, we have seen and heard about many of our teachers who were knocked to the ground, some literally knocked unconscious, by disruptive students.”