Rich Gedman still has a hand in Red Sox success

“It’s a steady presence,” PawSox manager Kevin Boles said of his hitting coach and catching instructor. “He’s been in some great moments in Red Sox history, but you know what you’re going to get with Geddie every day of the week. He doesn’t waver. … He definitely cares about these players. He’s a reliable staff member and we couldn’t do our job without him.” The Sun’s newest contributor, Tom Joyce, steps to the plate with the Worcester baseball legend.

Mariano: A badge of honor

“To be sure, even a single incident of police misconduct is unacceptable. But a comparatively small number of unprofessional actions should not overshadow the tens of thousands of police actions that have helped keep our community safe.”

Survival training: One woman’s story of perseverance

A terrible car accident in 2010 was life-altering for a Leicester woman who refused to allow her fate to keep her from pursuing something better. Rehabilitation led to an epiphany, which led to a career change — and that turned out to be Jen Burtt’s saving grace. She lost her friend that harrowing night, but through it all she finally found herself.