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To the editor: After years of negotiations, Worcester Central Catholic School teachers plan protest to urge fair compensation

“Since 2010, the central office has offered only four step increases, and has not agreed to a cost-of-living increase during any of those years. It is DELTA’s hope that the central office will recognize the need for meaningful change and come to a salary agreement that will begin to fairly compensate their teachers, thereby ensuring that the students in the Catholic schools continue to benefit.”

Worcester 2.0: An outsider’s inside look at the city’s developing future

In Istanbul, I was drowned in the city and its events, while in Worcester I have to dig in to reach them. In Istanbul, a machine of 15 million, I always felt disposable and replaceable. In Worcester, I feel more significant. … But where do people of color and/or lower income stand within this revitalizing/renewing Worcester? How much are they incorporated into this transformation? What are their roles?

Mandell: Closing the book on Jane Week in Worcester

“Jane Jacobs offered us a different paradigm of development that is incremental, organic, holistic, small scale, and based on the talents and energy of locals. Some of the best examples of a taste of Jane are right here in the Canal District and in what I saw in full action on a [Jane Week] tour of Main South. Worcester is on the cusp of a true renaissance! Can’t you feel it in the air?”

To the editor: Pipelines under pressure in Massachusetts

“Today’s ‘natural’ gas is loaded with carcinogens injected during the fracking process. Should Spectra construct an extremely high-pressure pipeline which might leak or explode, Grafton assumes enormous risk while Texas-based Spectra benefits.”

Mandell: Five great ideas to nurture the Worcester Renaissance

“Each of us living or working in the city has an important voice in shaping Worcester’s future development. Jane Week (May 1-7) is designed to prompt deep discussions and debates on our urban design and to give people a chance to think about the variables that make Worcester come alive.”

Evan Corrigan: Diary of a visit to Worcester … England, that is

“I got to see their Worcester’s downtown, which is completely geared toward foot traffic. In this we could learn a thing or two from our sister city. Later my host went back home to drop off her granddaughter, and she met up with us at an old church building that was tastefully converted into a restaurant.” A 20-year-old Burncoat grad crosses the pond to reinvigorate a twinning spirit between the two Worcesters.

Dear Chris Christie: An open letter to America’s new drug czar

“There is consensus among medical groups that the opioid epidemic is at a crisis point. You have it within your power to ‘make America great again,’ at least with regard to opioid addiction. Let’s start with the goal of saving lives from accidental overdose.” Constance Scharff is a best-selling author and internationally acclaimed expert in addiction and treatment.

Re-imagining Notre Dame makes downtown dollars and sense

There’s so much value in old buildings, including economic value. New Sun contributor Joyce Mandell explores spots in Worcester that have benefited greatly from vision and preservation, rather than the wrecking ball. She believes Notre Dame des Canadiens Church downtown holds similar possibilities.