Literacy Volunteers give the gift of language

All their adult lives they have attempted to live without the verbal survival skills the rest of us take for granted. Finally admitting their need for help, these native-born Americans, as well as our core adult student population of immigrants, come to us for help. What you, as a Literacy Volunteer, can offer will change their lives immeasurably.

HC Prof. Cynthia Hooper: How does an oppressive government celebrate a revolution?

In 1967, to honor the Soviet Union’s first half-century, leaders staged countrywide displays of mass jubilation. They ordered sausages be made with the number “50,” in white fat, running through every slice. But today, though Lenin remains embalmed and on show in a giant mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow is strangely silent. Why this official disinterest, even as the upcoming centennial generates global headlines?

Lukes: Allies and endorsements, checks and balances

In this election, more than ever, character, experience, promises and enthusiasm are not the only criteria  to judge the worthiness of a candidate. A candidate’s alliances must also be considered, either as an advantage or a handicap.

Wagner: On Thoreau in Central Massachusetts

Thoreau never married and remained childless. And he continued to walk and lecture in Central Massachusetts, working toward the understanding that “Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. Not yet subdued to man, its presence refreshes him.” Worcester would be the city in which he lectured most often. Mark Wagner, director of the Binienda Center for Civic Engagement at Worcester State, takes a walk on the wild side.

HC Prof. Cynthia Hooper: Why are Russian media outlets hyping the Mueller investigation?

Four major Russia investigations are underway in Washington, along with at least six related federal inquiries. Anxiety currently swirls around the Kremlin’s manipulation of popular social media platforms Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Cybersecurity sleuths claim Russia used Pokemon Go to inflame racial tensions and accuse Twitter of deleting crucial data detailing Russian efforts to sow discord during the 2016 presidential election. “Russia, Russia Everywhere,” read The New York Times Oct. 13 “Week in Technology” review.

Vanita Gupta: Bipartisan congressional action required to prevent Census 2020 disaster

“The Census Bureau needs a steady and significant ramp-up in funding to test new technologies and procedures and to create an effective outreach and advertising campaign. However, the Trump administration’s budget request for next year is woefully inadequate. Necessary testing has already been cut back due to lack of sufficient funds.” The former Obama Administration official details what’s at stake.