Mariano: He who lives by the sword, gets skewered!

Donald Trump is not the originator of fake news – but he has certainly become its master. There has never been another political figure that has personally spread more vicious lies about his opponents than Trump.

Mariano: Wishes for Trump, City Council (and more) in the New Year

While I have no great predictions, here are my wishes for 2017.

Mariano: Rating Trump’s staff and cabinet selections

In addition to hiring the best and brightest, Trump also said that he was going to “drain the swamp.” So, with that in mind, here is how I rate some of Trump’s more visible appointments.

Mariano: Supporting those in need helps make America great

In Worcester, approximately 22 percent of our population lives below the poverty line. For most, what they need is not a handout but a hand up. Ray Mariano looks to one of Worcester’s many social service agencies for a heartwarming holiday tale of helping.

Mariano: Flag burning is a very emotional issue

“I hate the idea of someone desecrating our flag. When they show it on the news, I often have to look away. It bothers me that much.” Ray Mariano finds strength — and wisdom — in his father’s words, and Old Glory herself.

Mariano: Young patriots, raise your voices

“To those who find student protests un-American, I would remind you that this is precisely what freedom looks like. It is highly likely that the freedoms that you cherish were won, at least in part, by patriotic young Americans who dreamed of making their country better.”

Mariano: Do-nothing Congress should focus on results, not ideological purity

“Perhaps we should start another political party that focuses on ‘results.’ If you can’t point to a solid record of accomplishments working with other members of Congress, then get the heck out! Who needs you?” Ray Mariano goes to the extreme to find middle ground on Capitol Hill.

Homewood Suites

Mariano: Developing Worcester and making progress

“The key ingredient to success, in our downtown, is putting people on the sidewalks. For Worcester to have a real downtown, we need all kinds of people, of all ages, residents and visitors, going to and from somewhere.”

Father John Madden

Mariano: Remember the good they do

Ray Mariano tells how men like Father Madden and Monsignor Scollen have helped restore his faith as controversies of all sizes, including the closing of Worcester’s beloved Our Lady of Mount Carmel, continue to chip away at the church’s foundation.

Mariano: So, what now?

“While it may seem hard to believe, this campaign was not about Clinton or Trump. It was about the rest of us and about the kind of America we hope for. If our government remains as divided as we are and our leaders refuse to work together, we are all the worse for it.” Ray Mariano on how to make the best of a Trump America.