Mariano: If I ran for mayor

“I get that question — whether I am running for mayor — a great deal these days. Once I started writing a weekly column for Worcester Sun, the number of inquiries increased. But, first let me lay out what I would do if I ran for mayor and was successful.”

Mariano: We created this mess. It’s up to us to fix it

“Today, in America we seldom take responsibility for the messes that we create. Someone else is always to blame.” Ray Mariano on the nation’s pathological passing of the buck.

Mariano: VOTE: Should Worcester be a sanctuary city?

The purpose of this column is to give readers an opportunity to vote on the subject and to express their personal feelings.

Mariano: My life with Jordan Levy

Jordan Levy is a Worcester original. Everyone who has ever voted for him, watched him speak on the floor of the City Council or listened to him on the radio has to admit that he is one of a kind.

Mariano: To Trump and the Republican Congress, in defense of immigrants

Except for Native Americans, all of our families came from somewhere else. No other country, in the history of mankind, can claim that kind of lineage. It is what makes us different and what makes us exceptional.

Mariano: He who lives by the sword, gets skewered!

Donald Trump is not the originator of fake news – but he has certainly become its master. There has never been another political figure that has personally spread more vicious lies about his opponents than Trump.

Mariano: Wishes for Trump, City Council (and more) in the New Year

While I have no great predictions, here are my wishes for 2017.

Mariano: Rating Trump’s staff and cabinet selections

In addition to hiring the best and brightest, Trump also said that he was going to “drain the swamp.” So, with that in mind, here is how I rate some of Trump’s more visible appointments.

Mariano: Supporting those in need helps make America great

In Worcester, approximately 22 percent of our population lives below the poverty line. For most, what they need is not a handout but a hand up. Ray Mariano looks to one of Worcester’s many social service agencies for a heartwarming holiday tale of helping.

Mariano: Flag burning is a very emotional issue

“I hate the idea of someone desecrating our flag. When they show it on the news, I often have to look away. It bothers me that much.” Ray Mariano finds strength — and wisdom — in his father’s words, and Old Glory herself.