Sina-cism: For those taking a knee, it’s 4th down

“Our stand-up-for-Old-Glory billionaire president, who in his spare time runs the country, was both impetuous and intemperate in his recent spats with the kneel-during-the-anthem millionaires who in their spare time play football. But Trump was also mostly right.”

A Mother’s Journey: The risk-taker’s lament

“Entrepreneurship comes with a strange stigma. We are thought of as risk-takers, aggressive leaders, adopters of ‘unusual points of view’ — to quote a recent comment made to me at a networking event – and often we’re deemed simply unfit for the corporate culture.”

Editorial: Cost of tough-on-crime policies do not add up

A new report using data from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office makes a compelling case that tough-on-crime policies that hold incarceration as the ultimate solution are costly, may increase rather than decrease crime in areas most affected, lead to a disconnect from civic life, and reduce the chances of children’s success in school. It’s time to get smart on criminal justice to break a vicious cycle.

Editorial: Silence is deadly to needed gun reforms

We’re used to moments of silence for victims of mass violence. This time around, in a country much too prone to gun tragedies, more leaders are asking when the moment of action will arrive. In Congress, we need these voices to stay loud and clear.

Editorial: American Roulette

The commercialization by gun-rights advocates of fear, fundraising, lobbying and gun sales has industrialized opposition to even the most sensible of gun control measures. But there is wide bipartisan support — greater than 75 percent — for measures including those that would prevent the mentally ill from purchasing guns. Yet, nothing is done. As America again licks its wounds, we ask, What’s next?