Cosmopolitan Club endures ever-changing landscape

While not much has stayed the same on Grafton Hill over the last 80 years or so, there’s always been one surefire place you could go to meet a friend — maybe even your future spouse — have a beer and a laugh, and let all those changes wash away for an hour or two.

Local Business Spotlight: More than a century of sweet sounds at Union Music

“I started working [here] when I was 9 years old (1955), which was about the same time that my grandfather gave me a guitar. … And I still play classical guitar,” said Carl Kamp, owner and president of this three-generation family business. Trusted for instrument purchases, repairs, lessons and expertise, Union Music’s rambling old store on Southbridge Street echos with notes of history as it keeps today’s musicians supplied and inspired. Which makes it an apt entry in our Survivor Series, highlighting Worcester businesses standing the test of time.

Ukulele players string together a community at Union Music

“I couldn’t have the club meet in a bar or a hotel. But I knew that Union Music has a performance space that can hold 50 performers. So I approached Carl and he thought it was a great idea,” said Rich Leufstedt, who considers himself more of a facilitator than leader of the Ukulele Club, which he started with five or six people per month six years ago. That figure has now grown to 20 to 30 per month at Union Music. Art Simas tiptoes through the tulips to tell this timeless tale.

Local Business Spotlight: Jerry’s Famous Soft-Serve

Jerry Bianculli’s two red, white and blue trucks with images of ice cream sundaes, hot dogs and novelties have been roaming Worcester since 1962. Patrick Sargent catches up with the local icon in our Local Business Spotlight “Survivor Series,” highlighting small businesses that just won’t quit.

Hidden Gem — Survivor Series: Central Mass Scuba

It may not be your first thought when considering a few hours strolling along Shrewsbury Street, but this modest dive shop has stood its ground amid the myriad restaurants and constant churn of new businesses to keep its doors open for two decades.