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State Rep. Kate Campanale talks Trump, Dixon, guns and making things happen

“I’m Kate Campanale, and I’m a Republican, and this is what I’ve done, and this is how I’ve represented my district. It’s made it difficult for people to see beyond the ‘R’ when all they’re getting is the national news. And that can be a little troubling for some Republicans, especially in Mass.”

Recalde’s Sidewalk Café is an unexpected slice of home

With salsa music playing in the background, the sounds of the Spanish language lingering in the air and the open-arms welcome from their employees, Recalde’s Sidewalk Café, open since February, is all about the Spanish culture. It’s an effort embracing and elevating the feeling of eating at abuela’s house.

Sina-cism: Why healthcare reform will happen

“We will someday have reform. We will have it because Americans are too jealous of their freedom to let a system of good intentions and lofty goals be eroded by a financial structure that triggers runaway costs, soaring premiums and long-term deficits. Intolerable situations eventually end.”

Paris Cinema

Editorial: Take us to the movies, developers

We’re happy about the return of Movies on the Common in Worcester, and not sorry to see the seedy Paris Cinema meet the wrecking ball at last. But what we would really like is a real movie theater downtown.

On Beacon Hill: State House leadership thrust into game of thrones

House Speaker Robert DeLeo now has to choose a new Ways and Means chairman, or chairwoman, knowing that whoever he elevates will instantly be viewed as a contender to become the next speaker. It also appears certain that DeLeo will face pressure from groups like the Black and Latino Caucus, the Women’s Caucus and the Progressive Caucus. This stuff just writes itself! Plus, McGovern, Ryan, Warren, Pence and legal marijuana.