Last week’s most popular, May 14-20

Here are the most popular Worcester Sun articles May 14-20

Mariano: It is time to start talking about and planning for the closing of more churches
Survival training: One woman’s story of perseverance
Free to read: On the road to big things, with singer Dezi Garcia
Sina-cism: Fighting what never was to create what never can be
Valentino’s has ambitious plans for heart of Shrewsbury Street
Mandell: Closing the book on Jane Week in Worcester


Filmmakers hope to whip up fundraising frenzy for Major Taylor biopic ‘Black Cyclone’

“It’s a really important story to tell and it lends itself to dramatic treatment on the big screen,” said Lynne Tolman, executive director of the Major Taylor Association. “It’s Jackie Robinson 50 years earlier with some even more harrowing components to the story.”

Worcester Sun, May 24: TIFs add up to developing success in Worcester, ISIS attack raises local concerns + more

Plus, top Sun stories, Hitch on First Night, a new free-to-read, nursing homes in crisis and a jam-packed Inbox. This is your Wednesday, May 24, Worcester Sun.

Worcester Sun, May 21-27: Mariano on missing kids, Sina-cism on McGovern’s Social Security pitch, First Night + much more

Serendipity and the Silver Ball. “Legendary Lucas.” Hitch on Taxachusetts. Another incredible installment in Augustine Kanjia’s impossible tale of survival. And, still, there’s more in your May 21-27 Worcester Sun.

Last week’s most popular, May 6-13

Here are the most popular Worcester Sun articles May 6-13

Contractor license suspended, Jay Pelletz still leaving customers in lurch
Altea’s Eatery offers brunch lovers an everyday entree to France
Mariano: A champion for women and girls
Valentino’s has ambitious plans for heart of Shrewsbury Street
Inbox [May 7]: News and notes from Holy Cross, Dept. of Higher Education, Holy Name, St. Peter-Marian, Music Worcester, Worcester Public Schools
Boys & Girls Club has Worcester Police on the run


Survival training: One woman’s story of perseverance

It’s been more than six years since Jennifer Burtt started doing the one thing that gives her purpose and keeps her healthy — providing support to others looking to change their way of life.

If it had not been for a devastating car wreck that left her friend dead and Burtt clinging to life, the former hairdresser likely wouldn’t have discovered that personal training — and helping people find their own new paths — was her life’s passion.

“It’s still amazing to me that the accident even happened. When I hear people tell me their accounts of what happened, or when I read the police reports, it’s crazy to think that that happened to me because I don’t remember any of it,” Burtt said in an interview on April 20, the same day she read through — for the very first time — a folder full of police and hospital reports her family saved to document the car crash that nearly took her life.

On July 12, 2010, at about 7:30 p.m., Burtt was a passenger in a Honda CR-V going more than 80 mph heading north on Interstate 395 in Killingly, Connecticut, when the vehicle swerved violently from the left shoulder, crossed two travel lanes and crashed into a raised divider at the Exit 93 [now exit 41] on-ramp.

According to reports from the Connecticut State Police, the SUV rolled over several times before finally coming to a halt.

When first responders arrived, they found Burtt had been thrown from the vehicle and was pinned beneath it. The driver was killed; Burtt and the other two passengers survived.

Worcester Sun, May 14-20: Mariano on church closings, thoughts on Petty and Gaffney, growing up at City Hall + Mother’s Day

What if … Worcester sees a future with shorter pregnancies. Giselle Rivera-Flores takes a look back for Mother’s Day. And a whole lot more of the best commentary and storytelling in the city in your May 14-20 Worcester Sun.

Last week’s most popular, April 30-May 6

Here are the most popular Worcester Sun articles April 30-May 6

Mariano: Local fathers offer advice for raising strong, independent daughters
For George’s Bakery, bread is where the heart is
When it’s parents vs. coaches, kids can’t win
Boys & Girls Club has Worcester Police on the run
To the editor: Pipelines under pressure in Massachusetts
Valentino’s has ambitious plans for heart of Shrewsbury Street

Long-sought schooling change delivers results for Gino

After years of frustrating delays and grappling with Worcester Public Schools, a deaf Worcester teen is at last in a special-education setting that has him thriving. The Sun checks in with Gino Berthiaume, his mother, educators and others who have seen the transformation that can come from an Individualized Education Program in action.

Worcester Sun, May 10: Jay Pelletz continues to disappoint customers, legal marijuana delays + fighting for $15

All that and more in your Wednesday, May 10, Worcester Sun.