Hidden Gem — Survivor Series: Central Mass Scuba

It may not be your first thought when considering a few hours strolling along Shrewsbury Street, but this modest dive shop has stood its ground amid the myriad restaurants and constant churn of new businesses to keep its doors open for two decades.

Hidden Gem — Survivor Series: Central Mass Scuba

If you grew up in the Shrewsbury Street area or frequent the popular culinary corridor to the heart of the city, you may have heard the rumor about a pool below the first floor of a three-decker that Central Mass Scuba occupies.

Unfortunately for fans of quirky local lore, in no way is that rumor true.

“The only pool in this place is when it rains and it floods the basement,” said co-owner George Gilligan in his customarily joking manner.

Central Mass Scuba, 304 Shrewsbury St.

Patrick Sargent / For Worcester Sun

Central Mass Scuba, 304 Shrewsbury St.

There is hope, though — even in the middle of January — for those looking to still hit the pool.

Central Mass Scuba [CMS], 304 Shrewsbury St., utilizes the pool at the YWCA Central Mass. in downtown and offers diving classes for beginners to experts in warm and cold water every Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, six weeks at a time.

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