Martian returns home: Native-born astronaut spent 185 days on Red Planet

WORCESTER, July 20, 2069 — Worcester’s first native-born astronaut was welcomed back to her hometown yesterday with a parade and the Key to the City. Dr. Riham Ahmadi, a veterinarian, was crew member on the recent Ares 11 mission, which returned from Mars after a 22-month voyage.

The parade, featuring Unum-sponsored hovercrafts and antique internal-combustion-engined cars from the late 2010s, left the campus of WPI on Salisbury Street, and proceeded south on Main Street to City Hall.

“This is truly a great day for the city of Worcester,” said Massachusetts Gov. Amy Collins during a speech on the steps facing City Hall/Commerce Bank Plaza. “As our nation’s space program moves forward, Dr. Riham Ahmadi adds her name to the list of astronauts who light our way with their courage and scientific integrity.”

As the governor, Congressman Paul Tyson-Burgess, family members, and spectators looked on, third-term Mayor Shanique DeTorres presented Dr. Ahmadi the Petty Memorial Key to the City.

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Joyce Center ribbon cutting

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Worcester Education Development Foundation announces 2016 Distinguished Alumni and Friends of the Worcester Public Schools

A banquet honoring the Worcester Educational Development Foundation 2016 Distinguished Alumni and Friends of the Worcester Public Schools will be held at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 9 at the Hogan Campus Center at the College of the Holy Cross.


Committee Chairman Tom Murray said: “Once again we have a class of distinguished alumni who represent a spectrum of careers but share the common history of having been educated in the Worcester Public Schools. Their success is an acknowledgement of the education that has been, and continues to be, provided by the dedicated teachers in the district.”