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Welcome to the digital home of the Worcester Sun.

We came up with the idea for the Worcester Sun because we saw the need for civically oriented long-form journalism.

Much has happened since we announced our plans to be the first news startup in the nation with a paid Sunday newspaper.

The Worcester community supported to a degree that was humbling. Additionally, our model generated nationwide interest. We have met and spoken with a number of potential investors. To a person, they see our model as an intuitive next step in an era of local media consolidation.

After discussions about business models and financial projections, all of our conversations ended in about the same way, with pretty much the same remark: “You say you can produce the best journalism in Worcester. But don’t tell us, show us.”

Fair enough. Challenge accepted.

Our goal is to fulfill our promise of creating the kind of impact journalism the Worcester community can rally behind and support. But rather than launch with a paid Sunday newspaper, we will bring you this at first online-only.

We have already begun the process of setting our editorial schedule. We will now move to commission these pieces and get them reported, written and edited.

We will keep you informed as we get closer to our initial publication. In the meantime, we’re launching two sections for which you will not need to pay, Sun Common and Obituaries. We invite you to read more about these sections when they are live.

We thank you for sticking with us so far. We promise the best is yet to come.



Mark & Fred



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