Calling all college writers

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One of the goals of the Worcester Sun is to provide thoughtful journalism and opinion that can impact lives.

In the short time we’ve been working on the Sun we’ve run across scores of people we feel deserve to have their voices heard or in some cases amplified. These are thoughtful, resourceful people who bring a unique perspective and can make you think in ways you hadn’t.

At the same time, another college year is beginning. For Worcester that means our ranks swell by tens of thousands and we once again consider why Worcester isn’t more of a college town and what we can do to make it so.

At the Sun, we want those answers, too. And we’re willing to pay to find them.

The Worcester Sun is pleased to announce an initiative for the 2015-16 college year, Campus Worcester. We are accepting submissions from students, or anyone affiliated with the Worcester college community, for our Sun Commentary column.

We understand that in the digital space you’re bombarded with offers to write. Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc., all want your thoughts, your work. You get “exposure,” they get money. That doesn’t seem right to us.

Here’s how this will work.

Submit your ideas to Try to be as detailed as possible but you don’t need to write the entire piece.

Be thoughtful and insightful; those wishing to write hot takes, hit jobs, smackdowns and opinions not based on fact need not apply.

If we select your idea, we’ll give you a week or more to write it. You’ll get to work with professional journalists, get paid, and you can put on your resume that you were a paid contributor to an innovative, forward-thinking journalism enterprise — that’s us: Worcester Sun.

How does that sound?

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