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We know you’re a bright sort; why else would you be checking out our site? So, then, you have likely noticed by now that, digital home of the Worcester Sun, is a membership site. You must pay to access our news and information.

Given your intuition so far, we bet you’ve probably also observed the commenting on our articles is reserved for our members.

As much as we will strive to engage our members, we’d also like feedback from those brave folks who choose not to invest in a membership and elect to miss out on our quality, local reporting and commentary for only $2 a week.

Here’s a chance to let us have it … your feedback, that is.

Say whatever you’d like — about Worcester, about us, the news of the day — but say it nicely, please. This means no profanity. But, then, you already knew that. Smart.

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9 thoughts on “Feedback, let us have it

  1. Brave New World you all are entering – enter with caution and enthusiasm. Great name for a paper. The Sun rises on Worcester and blesses it. I am sure you will have the same effect.

  2. This was an awesome start guys! Way to start it all rolling. Looking forward to many, many relaxing Sunday mornings to come. The amount of Worcester history packed into your main article was a joy to read.

  3. I would suggest keeping your FAQ page publicly accessible, or having a similar page available for non-members who are trying to find out basic information before deciding whether to join or not. I may not have dug around enough to find the information I’m looking for, but that goes to my point: if you want people to subscribe, letting them easily find out what that entails and would give them access to is in your best interest.

    I have given up for now and am going to continue hopping between Mass Live and the Telegram to try to find out what’s going on locally for the time being.

  4. It would make sense to me to open the “How it Works FAQ” to all website visitors, not just paid subscribers. Or to have more prominent access to how to subscribe, costs, benefits, etc. available for non-subscibers in an easy to find spot. If that information exists on the website, I was unable to find it after a little bit of digging around over a couple of days. I’m generally pretty adept at finding information on websites, so I do believe the information may be buried a bit too deeply to be useful.

    I’m considering subscribing, but until I get access to a full review of “what’s in it for me,” I’m sticking with the other news sources for the city.

    I tried to leave a very similar comment yesterday but it never made it past moderation it seems – not sure if that was because I named the specific sites I do use for news gathering, so I have left them unnamed. My purpose in doing so wasn’t to compare either favorably or unfavorably, but so you would know who readers are already invested in.

  5. I like what I heard on WCRN today, but I am always skeptical of paying for content that I cannot evaluate in advance. I will check back to see if there are any sample articles and to learn how frequently the stories are refreshed.

    I would encourage you to look at the business model for the Conway Daily Sun, Conway, NH. They claim to be American’s only FREE daily news paper. There is printed copy available everywhere in town and I receive a daily email, with a link to the day’s new edition. I love the reader software, it comes complete with the sound of turning pages!

    Good luck.

    • Hello Vince,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      We try to make it as easy as possible to make an informed decision on whether to become a member.

      First, in addition to the stories that require a membership, we publish an article, In this issue, that summarizes all the stories in the week’s edition. The current one is here: .

      Second, we offer single-week terms and terms of longer length that are not recurring. Our goal here is to give our members the most options possible.

      We are familiar with that model (and we’ve read the paper). Our research suggests that while it’s the optimal model for an economy with a high number of tourists, such a model would not work as well in Worcester or other cities.

      Thank you for the well-wishes.

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