Local Crowdfund: Back-to-School Edition

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DonorsChoose.org is a crowdfunding site that allows public school teachers to fund projects for their students.

The site claims to have funded more than 595,000 projects, thanks to the benevolence of more than 1.7 million supports. Moreover, the site claims to have impacted nearly 15 million students and that 70 percent of projects get fully funded. To date, according to the site, more than $336 million has been raised.

To create a project, a teacher creates an account and requests their supplies, books or technology. DonorsChoose.org, which is a 501c(3) charity, then sources the items requested, verifies their cost and lists the project. If the project is funded, the items are shipped directly to the school.

If a project does not reach full funding before the listing expires, according to the program’s website, donors get their donations returned as account credits. They can use the credits to help out a different project or to send the teacher they originally supported a DonorsChoose.org gift card.


There are 27 active local projects as of Saturday morning ‒ 25 among Worcester public schools, one at Abby Kelley Foster Charter School and one at Woodward Day School on McKeon Road, a program of the Central Mass. Special Education Collaborative.

Among Worcester public schools, Gates Lane School of International Studies and Vernon Hill School have four active projects each. Doherty High, Goddard School of Science and Technology, Norrback Avenue School, Sullivan Middle School and Woodland Academy have two each. Burncoat High, Chandler Magnet, Claremont Academy, Grafton Street School, North High, Rice Square School and Tatnuck Magnet have one each.

It would take $21,743.55 to fully fund all 27 projects.

Twelve of the 27 projects have less than $500 remaining to be fully funded; 21, less than $1,000.

Nine of the projects have received no funding at all.

The 27 projects are listed below. To see them all click here.

Multiple attempts to reach Schools Superintendent Dr. Melinda Boone for comment were unsuccessful.

School Teacher Headline Project cost Remaining
Abby Kelley Foster Charter Mrs. Wasgatt Partner Learning Is So Much Fun! $990.54 $129.66
Burncoat High School Mrs. Barter Oh , The Places We Want to Go $634.19 $634.19
Chandler Magnet Ms. Senior Interactive Subscription And Teacher Resources $1,663.99 $1,663.99
Claremont Academy Ms. Pouliot Being A Scientist $1,287.93 $82.05
Doherty High Mr. Burns English Language Learners Access in the Biology classroom $524.87 $236.12
Doherty High Mrs. Hammer Promoting English Literacy and Content in the ESL Classroom $897.42 $793.01
Gates Lane School Mrs. McCarty Autistic Students CAN with iPads $2,184.66 $2,134.66
Gates Lane School Mrs. McCarty Autistic Students Get Smarter Together with Live Butterflies $545.84 $222.92
Gates Lane School Mrs. Rakic’s Getting to the Core! $511.69 $511.69
Gates Lane School Mrs. Rakic’s Read To Succeed! $261.18 $261.18
Goddard School Mrs. Colautti’s Classroom Essentials $999.39 $949.39
Goddard School Mrs. Weeks Superflex Project $461.82 $403.00
Grafton Street School Mrs. Leduc Closing the Gap through Global Awareness $2,064.27 $1,855.45
Norrback Ave. School Mrs. Polito Reading Resources Needed! $394.58 $335.75
Norrback Ave. School Mrs. P Science Resources Needed – Smarter, Together! $1,204.01 $1,204.01
North High Mrs. DiStefano Standing for Success $487.71 $487.71
Rice Square School Ms. Torres Support My Kindergarten Classroom! $368.06 $158.06
Sullivan Middle School Mrs. Lord …and Everything in Its Place $3,517.34 $3,372.67
Sullivan Middle School Ms. Cook Ukes for Youths! $1,271.42 $782.46
Tatnuck Magnet Mr. Tozer Better Than a Smart Board $859.49 $470.67
Vernon Hill School Mrs. DeVito New Furniture For A Whole New Look For Our Classroom! $604.81 $579.81
Vernon Hill School Mrs. DeVito New Furniture For A Whole New Look For Our Classroom-Part 2 $604.81 $604.81
Vernon Hill School Mrs. DeVito New Furniture For A Whole New Look for Our Classroom-Part 3 $604.81 $554.81
Vernon Hill School Mrs. DeVito We Need A Laminating Machine PLEASE! $786.09 $786.09
Woodland Academy Mrs. Dorant Interactive Math and Science Notebooks $174.34 $174.34
Woodland Academy Ms. Ansdell Let’s Speak! Language & Literacy $408.96 $258.38
Woodward Day School Mr. Sposato Graphing for Success $2,116.78 $2,096.78
$26,431.00 $21,743.66



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