On the side: Worcester City & County Continuum of Care members

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Below are the members of the board of the Worcester City & County Continuum of Care. Officials say among the responsibilities of the Continuum of Care is the planning that a city commission on homelessness would undertake if the city had such a commission.

According to requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the board must have representatives from sectors that support the subpopulations of homeless people in the geographic area. Board members represent the sector in which they work, not necessarily their organizational affiliation. The members:

  • Robert Bacheldor (Faith-based community)
  • Katherine Calano (City of Worcester, Emergency Solutions Grant Recipient Agency)
  • Walter Cunningham (Community)
  • Arthur Ellis (Mental health providers)
  • Ann Flynn (Worcester Housing Authority; homeless service providers)
  • Sharon Krefitz (Higher-education community, Central Mass. Housing Alliance board)
  • Christopher O’Keefe (Local funders/foundation)
  • Jan Yost (Funders, and geographic region)
  • Linda Weinreb (Hospitals/medical)
  • Dianne Bruce (social services)
  • Denis Leary (Veterans services)

One thought on “On the side: Worcester City & County Continuum of Care members

  1. The Continuum is a great story – and one that goes back more than 20 years. Worcester was the FIRST city to actually empower the homeless service providers to prioritize and allocate resources and programs. The group advises and recommends programs for funding, and has worked cooperatively for its entire history. It’s a national model that is seldom recognized in our own community.

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