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Worcester schools propose reduced services for special needs student still awaiting compliance |  Gino Berthiaume, born with a rare virus that has limited his development and caused deafness among other ailments, was supposed to be provided daily therapy sessions to complement his schooling beginning nearly a year ago. At a recent meeting, school officials posed a new, less-comprehensive plan, and Gino’s mother was left to wonder why WPS has yet to meet its obligations. Patrick Sargent reports.

Gino Berthiaume

Courtesy Kelly Rawson

Gino Berthiaume

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Editorial: A vision for Worcester Public Schools |  We believe there is good advice out there for the city’s schools, such as this from a report released today: “Engaging organizations with deep educational expertise would ensure that a WPS review is holistic, viewed through the lens of educational best practice, and benefits from the experience of other urban districts.” The new school board, indeed, must avoid a myopic view.

Sun Spots with Hitch: Vol. 23 |  You’ve got your Powerball ticket, right? Of course you do, a few of them. I mean, once it gets in the $1.5 billion range is when it really starts to be worth it. But what to do with such a windfall? Wouldn’t you know it, plans for exorbitant spending — and, ahem, a certain mayor — just happen to be on Hitch’s mind.

Augustine being discharged from Cupid Home

Courtesy Augustine Kanjia

Augustine being discharged from Cupid Home

The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia
Part 8 — The Escape to Freetown |  My daughter Mary was a source of courage for me. I could not cry because I needed to show her toughness in life by not crying in front of her openly. She was very close and attached to me. I could not afford to leave her, even with her mother. … There was much riding on Augustine’s latest excursion to the Sierra Leonean capital, more than he could have imagined.

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