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Hidden Gem — Survivor Series: Central Mass Scuba |  It may not be your first thought when considering a few hours strolling along Shrewsbury Street, but this modest dive shop has stood its ground amid the myriad restaurants and constant churn of new businesses to keep its doors open for two decades. Alas, there’s news on the pool in the basement at 304 Shrewsbury St. You might want to sit down. Patrick Sargent has the story.

Get your equipment at the Shrewsbury Street shop -- but you won't find the long-rumored pool in there.

Patrick Sargent / For Worcester Sun

Get your equipment at the Shrewsbury Street shop — but you won’t find the long-rumored pool in there.

Sen. Moore: Reflections on marijuana expedition to Colorado | “Throughout the trip we heard from experts and officials who are intimately involved in the recreational marijuana system. Whether discussing the rates of use among young people, the number of impaired drivers on the road, or the effect on crime rates, the lack of consensus was startling.” The state senator returns with important perspective on the many questions left to be answered.

Sen. Michael O. Moore

Courtesy Sen. Moore's office

Sen. Michael O. Moore

Sun Mail [Brian O’Connell]: School board must heed report |  The dean of the School Committee writes of his plans to focus attention on a recent study from the Worcester Regional Research Bureau and Worcester Education Collaborative. This is our first letter to the editor. We named it Sun Mail. Enjoy.

Brian O'Connell

Courtesy WPS

Brian O’Connell

Editorial: Local search for superintendent a step in the right direction |  School Committee member John Monfredo is asking his colleagues to vote to conduct an internal search for a permanent replacement for Melinda J. Boone. With at least two strong internal candidates to consider, we believe such a move helps unite a community that has a split perception of the current state of the Worcester Public Schools.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 25]: Ed’s wild winter ride |  Maintaining the aging, sprawling, steeply inclined streets and bridges across the Seven Hills is a tall task in any weather, never mind when snow and ice get all up in your grill during rush hour. Wouldn’t you know it, City Manager Augustus has had ample opportunity to learn how commuters and residents feel about the road-clearing performance submitted by the city thus far. Hitch buckles up and piles on.

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