Local Business Spotlight: Whiskey Tango

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Another establishment is joining the fray of Worcester’s sudden new obsession with bars whose names start with the word “Whiskey.”

A pair of bar owners from the Canal District with a recent track record of success is hoping lightning strikes twice — this time with a college crowd that likes to spend money on Park Avenue — with a third “Whiskey”-themed bar coming to Worcester this winter.

Whiskey Tango, at 377 Park Ave., will be joining Whiskey on Water at 97 Water St. and Whiskey Lounge [Check back with the Sun next week for more on this one.] at 316 Main St. — all of which will open this winter.

Whiskey Tango's owners hope to bring "good crowds" back to a familiar Park Avenue location.

Courtesy Dana Felicetti

Whiskey Tango’s owners hope to bring “good crowds” back to a familiar Park Avenue location.

Whiskey Tango will open this month under the direction of owners Dana Felicetti and Wayne Russell, two of the current owners of Union Tavern on Green Street.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. Especially on Park Ave. We are shooting for a college bar and college crowd, but a 21-plus crowd that are sick of going into roadhouse-type bars where it’s a free-for-all,” Felicetti said.

“We are going after the 21-and-over crowd that know how to have a good time, but know how to behave themselves too. It will be a clean, safe, fun atmosphere.”

Whiskey Tango’s manager Derek Grimm said, “It’s going to be something for everyone. We’re not really going totally one way or another. It won’t be totally a craft cocktail bar or totally dive bar thing, but it will be more of an upscale college bar that’s got something for everyone.”

“Being in a smaller place [900 square feet], we will have a little less overhead. Our prices will still remain competitive with the rest of Park Ave.,” Grimm said.

Felicetti hopes to bring the bar back to the original atmosphere of Doherty’s Pub, which was there for decades and closed in 2010, and for the first few years when the bar was Nuf Ced (2010-2013).

“They had great crowds down there, but over the years it just changed,” Felicetti said.

Most recently, under the same ownership as Nuf Ced, the bar changed its name to Mickey O’Neil’s.

Felicetti and Russell acquired the space in the fall and have been working on updating and renovating the bar for the past few months.

“Really every change we made was cosmetic,” Felicetti said. “When the bar became Mickey O’Neil’s, they did a lot of work and turned the place into a beautiful spot. We’re making small cosmetic changes just to show that we’re different.”

Grimm, who worked for Felicetti at Leitrim’s Pub for several years and tends bar at Union Tavern, said, “We will be going with a similar formula [as Union Tavern], but we will be going with more fresh cocktails. Instead of sour mix, we’ll be using fresh lemon juice and house-made liqueurs.

Whiskey Tango hopes to attract a more grownup college crowd to a long-busy Park Ave. address.

Courtesy Dana Felicetti

Whiskey Tango hopes to attract a more grownup college crowd to a long-busy Park Ave. address.

“We’ll be offering a higher grade cocktail, while still offering the other liquor you would find in most bars.”

The bar will feature four craft beers on draft and several in bottles, but will also have four domestic and imported beers on draft that can be typically found at other bars. The draft beers will rotate every few months.

On Thursday and Friday nights, music will be provided by DJ Cuzn Kev and DJ Blackout, respectively. Live music will be performed on Saturday nights.

Whiskey Tango is located at 377 Park Ave. and will be open 8 p.m.-2 a.m. Monday-Saturday, and 2 p.m.-2 a.m. Sunday. Hours will expand in the spring. Whiskey Tango will open sometime in January.


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