Obituaries, Jan. 12, 2016

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Dorothy (Stelmack) Williams Baltramaitis, 91, of Millbury

Richard F. Beauchamp, 81, of Northborough

William E. Bernstein, 85, of Worcester

Doris M. (Whittemore) Bonner, 89, of Lunenburg

Eloise P. (Glover) Ducharme, 92, of Millbury

Susan H. Farland, 56, of Shrewsbury

John “Mike” Flynn, 89, of Charlton

Marvel Frink, 87, of Worcester

Eleanor M. (Hanam) Gregoire, 88, of Grafton

Nathan Gubb, 88, of Worcester

Louise Helen (Paraghamian) Harabedian, 84, of Rutland

Ruth E. (Gove) Haney, 98, of Wales

A. Gilbert (Bert) Helgerson, Jr. of Sutton

Donna (Labelle) Hilow, 57, of Spencer

Maureen (O’Grady) Janulewicz, 65, of Auburn

Bruce R. Jarvis, 80, of Boylston

Madeline (McGrath) Kennedy, 95, of Shrewsbury

Judith A. Kilgar-Ng, 57, of Poland, Ohio, and Worcester

Stephen L. Latino Sr., 62, of Oxford

Lucille B. (Hendrix) Holsomback MacDonald, 101, of Northborough

Marcus A. McGee, 93, of Worcester

Alexander H. McLean, Jr., 76, of Shrewsbury

John F. Murdock Sr., 93, of Worcester

Marie Stella (Latino) Nelson, 90, of West Brookfield

Joseph S. Pio, 86, of Worcester

Douglas S. Porter, 89, of Shrewsbury

Joan T. (Richer) Robichaud, 87, of Winchendon

Marshall J. Russell, 87, of Dudley

Anne P. (Pierce) Sarasin, 87, of Winchendon

Helen O. (Osborne) Wessels, 87, of Sterling

Leon J. Zlotnik, 91, of Gardner

Robert J. Zoppo, 78, of Rutland

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